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Terms Of Use

Contractual Terms and Conditions of use of the Services
Chapter 1. General Provision
Chapter 2. Execution of the Services Use Contract
Chapter 3. Obligations of the Parties to the Contract
Chapter 4. Use of the Services
Chapter 5. Termination of the Contract and Restrictions on Use
Chapter 6. Claims and Others
Chapter 1. General Provision
■ Article 1 (Purpose)
With respect to a member’s use of internet and website services (hereinafter called the "Services") to be provided
by GE Tomarin Co., Ltd (hereinafter called the "Company”), this contractual Terms and Conditions are intended to
Stipulate basics including, but not limited to, rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Company and a Member , conditions and
procedure for use of the Services..
■ Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
(1) Terms as used herein shall be defined as follows:
① A “Member” means a customer who accessed the site, agreed to comply with Contractual Terms and conditions of use of the Services and
    had his(her) ID and Password approved by the Company. Membership qualifications, rights etc will be separately managed in each relevant site.
② A“ User” means an individual who uses the Services, irrespective of whether he(she) is a member or not. . .
③ “ID” means combination of English letters and numbers registered by a Member and approved by the Company for the purpose of identifying
    himself (herself) and using the services. .  
④ “Password” means combination of English letters and numbers set and registered by a Member for the purpose of protecting his (her)
    personal information.
⑤ “Operator” means an individual designated by the Company charged with overall management and smooth operation of the Services
⑥ ”Suspension of the Services” means suspension of the Services by the Company for a certain period of time subject to specific requirements
    determined by the Company during normal use of the services.
■ Article 3 (Validity and Amendment of the Terms and Condition)
(1) This Contractual Terms and Conditions shall be valid for all members who use the Services.
(2) The Company informs all members of contents of this Contractual Terms and Conditions by posting in the service screen page of the site or
    by other means and thereupon, the Contractual Terms and Conditions shall take effect for those members who agreed to abide by them and
    join the Services..
(3) The "Company may amend the Contractual Terms and Conditions, it deems necessary.
    In case of such amendment, it shall be put it on a public notice in the manner aforementioned without delay. Provided that that if the amendment
    is important as it affects rights and obligations of a user, it shall be posted at least seven days ahead of the said notice.. 
4) If any member does not agree to comply with such amendment, the member may stop using the services and terminate the Services use contract. 
■ Article 4 (Relation with relevant acts)
Any matters not provided herein shall be subject to relevant acts including Framework Act on, Telecommunications Business Act,
etc and detailed use instructions specified by the Company. .
Chapter 2.  Execution of the Services Use Contract
The Company will provide the members with the following services: .
1) Feet Guider : Application for mobile device, Website for PC
■Article 5 (Validity of Services Use Contract)
(1) If an Applicant consents to this Contractual Terms and Conditions and then, its application for the services is approved by the Company,
    the Services Use contract becomes effective.
(2) A user expresses his (or her) consent to the Use contract by pressing a ‘CONSENT’ button in an application form.
■Article 6 (Application for Use of Services)
(1)An Applicant desiring to use the services by becoming a Member to the Services Contract shall provide all information required by the Company
   : his (or her) ID, Password, name, address , date of birth etc.
(2) All members shall provide their own information so as to enable them to use the services. Those who make fraudulent use of
    other member’s information or register false information shall not be entitled to any right to use the services and may be subject to punishment
    in accordance with relevant laws.
(3) An applicant shall provide his (or her) true information to become a member.
    The Company may verify the information registered by an applicant for accuracy and the applicant shall cooperate with the company in verification.
    Otherwise, the Company may reject such information registered as false.   . . 
(4) The Company may classify the members into various grades, according to which members may be allowed available time for use,
    number of use, service menu etc .varying from grade to grade.
■Article 7 ( Protection and Use of Personal Information)
(1)The Company makes efforts to protect the personal information of the members as provided for in the relevant laws.
     Relevant acts and the Company’s personal information handling policy are applied in protection and use of personal information.
     Provided that the Company’s personal information handling policy is not applied to linked sites other than the Company’s official site.
     Members shall be thoroughly cautious in preventing his (or her) personal information such as password from being disclosed to others
     and the Company disclaims any responsibility for the disclosure caused for reasons attributed to him (her)... 
(2) In accordance with relevant acts, the Company may provide a third party with a member’s personal information if: 
  - Requested to provide such information by an investigation agency or other government agency
  - It is necessary to conduct information protection services i.e. verification of fraudulent act including a member’s violation of the laws
    and the Terms and Conditions.
  - Required to provide such information by the laws.
■ Article 8 (Approval of application for use and Restrictions on Use)
(1)If an application is made for use of the services pursuant to Articles 5 and 6 , the Company shall approve in principle such application in order of
     submission unless it interferes with the normal conduct of business or cause any problem for technical reasons.
(2 )The Company has a right to reserve the approval of application if.
  - The application does not contain an applicant’s true information.
  - The application has been in breach of relevant acts or intended to hinder peace and order or public morals of the society.
  - The application for use of the Services is intended for any fraudulent purpose - The application for use of the Services is intended to pursue profit.
  - The application has been made by an applicant engaged in services in competition with the Services.
  - The application has been made by an applicant who once had the use contract terminated in breach of the relevant acts or this contractual terms
    and conditions.
  - The application is in violation of various matters specified.
(3) The Company has a right to reserve the approval until the cause for holding the approval will be removed upon occurrence of
    any of the following events
  - The Company is not sufficiently equipped with related facilities capable of handling additional services.
  - The application will cause the Company to undergo technical difficulties.
  - The application is not acceptable for reasons attributable to the Company.
(4) The Company has a right to reserve the approval according to the service-specific guide if the application has been made by
    a minor specified in the relevant laws.
(5) Even after completion of application procedure, the Company has a right to withdraw its approval if any one of causes set forth
    in sub-clause hereof is found.
■ Article  9 (User’s ID and its change etc)
(1) The Company grants a member a user’s ID in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.  
(2) The user’s ID shall not be subject to change. If a member wants to change it for any inevitable reason, the member shall terminate it
    and rejoin with new ID.
(3) A user, with his (or her) own consent, may access other sites operated by the Company or its subsidiary companies with the same ID registered
    with the Company to use the Services.
(4) A user’s ID may change or its use may be suspended at a request of the member or at the Company’s discretion upon happening of
    any of the following events.
  - As his(or her) ID registered is same as his (or her) phone number or resident registration number, the user’s privacy may be infringed.
  - If it is disgusting or contrary to the public morals.
  - If it is identical to name of the Company services or its operator or may cause misleading information.
  - If there is any reasonable reason for such change or suspension.
(5) Responsibility for managing his (or her) IP and password shall rest with a member.
    The member shall be responsible for any disadvantages in using the Services caused by neglect management of them or unauthorized use
    by third parties and the Company disclaims the responsibility therefor.
(6) Other matters relevant to management and change of a member’s personal information are subject to service-specific instructions.
Chapter 3. Obligations of the Parties to the Contract
■ Article 10  (The Company’s Obligations) )
1) The Company shall allow a member to use the Services commencing on the date the member desires unless affected by any special circumstances. 
2) To provide the members with uninterrupted and stable services, if facilities fails or is lost, the Company shall repair or restore them without delay,
   except for inevitable reasons..
3) The Company must furnish a security system to protect personal information and publicly announce and abide by
   the personal information handling policy.
4) If the Company accepts any opinions or complaints raised by a member as objectively justified, they shall be dealt with immediately after
   taking a proper procedure.
   Provided that unless they can be dealt with immediately, the Company shall inform the member thereof specifying the reason therefor
   and as to when to deal with them.
Chapter 4. Use of the Services
■ Article  11  (Services Hours )
(1)In principle, the Services will be provided for members to use for 24 hours a day all the year round unless the Company’s business is
    otherwise interfered with thereby or for technical reason. Except that the Services may be temporarily suspended for the period of time the
    Company designates for periodic system inspection, expansion or replacement and temporary suspension caused by scheduled maintenance
    will be publicly announced in the Service site.. 
(2) Upon occurrence of inevitable situations such as emergency system inspection, expansion, replacement, facilities failure, congestion of services,
    national emergency, power failure, the Company may be able to temporarily suspend the services, in whole or in part, without prior notice to
    members thereof.
(3) The Company may suspend the services, in whole or in part, with a prior notice to members thereof, if required for operation of the services
    including reform in services.
■ Article 12  (Members’ Posts)
(1) “Posts ” means articles, photos, various files, link etc. posted by a member in the site while using the Services. .
(2) If posts registered by a member in the services cause the member or others any damage or problems, responsibility therefor with respect to
    posts shall rest with the member who created them. The Company disclaims the responsibility with the exception of special circumstances.
(3) If the Company judges that posts created or registered by a member fall into any of the following categories, the Company may suspend
    posting temporarily, amend, delete , refuse to register them , as the case may be, without any prior consent from the member the Company.
- Contents which are defamatory or damage honor of other members or any third party.
- If they spread contents which are against the public order and morals.
- Contents which instigate piracy or hacking.
- For-profit advertisements. 
- Contents which are objectively recognized as being related to criminal acts.
- Contents which infringe other rights including copyright of other users or a third party.
- Contents which conflicts with posting principles laid down by the Company or do not meet the nature of a bulletin board.
- Other contents which are judged to be in breach of relevant acts.
(4) If requested by a thirty party to stop postings for a reason that they infringe rights including  dafamation, intellectual property rights,
    the Company has a right to temporarily suspend posting (transmission). If notified of litigation, settlement or any other decision made by
    an agency concerned between the party which requests suspension of posting and the party which is requested to stop posting,
    it reacts accordingly.  
(5) In the event the postings are temporarily suspended, the member who registered them  may request the Company to post them again.
    Unless requested to do so within 30 days after the suspension, the Company may delete them.
■ Article 13  (Copyright of the Posts)
(1) Copyright and all intellectual property rights of posts or literary works created by the company for the Services shall remain
    vested with the Company.
(2) Copyright of posts created by a member in the Services shall remain vested with the member. Provided that the Company has a right to
    use a member’s following posts registered, free of charge, for the purpose of operation, exhibition, transmission, distribution and promotion of
    the services without obtaining a separate consent of the member to the extent reasonable in conformity with fair commercial practices stipulated
    by the copyright law :
  - Creation by editing literary works without reproducing, modifying, alterating, transmitting and distributing the member’s posts.
  - Providing service partners, such as media, news agency, with the contents of the member’s posts for exhibition and promotion.
    Provided, however, that the Company shall not provide the member’s personal information other than his(her) user ID without obtaining
    a separate consent from the member.
(3) In case the Company intends to use the member’s posts in a way other than those aforementioned, it shall obtain a prior consent from
    the member by phone, facsimile or email.  .
(4) If a member terminates the service use contract, all posts (e.g. emails, blog etc.) recorded in his (or her) account will be deleted.
    Provided that those reposted by others or those reproduced or those re-posted combined with others’ posts or those registered on
    a public bulletin boards are exception.
■ Article 14 (Providing information)
(1) The Company may provide members with various information deemed necessary for them to use the Services by email, post, SMS,
    phone or in writing..  .
(2) For the purpose of improving the services and introducing the Services to members, the Company may collect additional personal information
    with his (or her) consent in accordance with the relevant laws.
■ Article 15 (Advertisement and transaction with Advertiser)
(1) The services which the Company is able to provide to members are partially funded by revenues derived from advertisements.
    Members are not opposed to advertisements put in the Services when using the Services.
(2) The Company disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damages to be sustained by a member as he (she) joins promotional activities
    in the Services or conducted by advertisers.
Chapter 5. Termination of the Contract and Restrictions on Use
■ Article 16  (Change and Termination of Contract forUse of Services)
(1) If a member intends to terminate the Service use contract, he (she) shall terminate his(her) membership by using (member withdrawal) menu
    in the Services.                   
(2) In case a member terminates the use contract , the Company cancels his(her) membership registration in accordance with the personal information
    handling policy, in which case, the affected member will be informed thereof. If the Company terminates the use contract at its own discretion,
    the member shall be provided an opportunity for explanation prior to the cancellation..
■ Article 17  (Restrictions on the use of Services)
(1) If a member violates provisions of Article 11 hereof or does any of the following when using the Services, the Company may restrict his (her)use
    of the services, initialize, terminate the contract or take other relevant acts.
  - If a member registers illegal information or makes fraudulent use of other user’s ID, password or personal information or deals with,
    or offers to, others, his (or her) ID.
  - If a member transmits, posts, spreads to others by email or other means, vulgar and obscene contents which are against the public order
    and morals or information, figures, sounds, videos, that may infringe other’s honor or privacy.
  - If a member harasses or threatens other users or continues causing a particular user pain or make uncomfortable.
  - If a member changes the Company’s client program or hacks into the Company’s server or changes information posted in the website,
    in part or in whole, without obtaining the Company’s consent.
  - If a member reproduces for purposes other than providing the services or uses in publication or broadcasting or provides to a thirty,
    information obtained in the Services, without the Company’s prior consent.
  - If a member interferes with a normal operation of the services by misrepresenting himself(or herself) as an operation staff, employee etc.
    or intentionally. 
  - If there is a request for amendment by the relevant public institutions such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee.
  - If a member does not use the Services for more than three months.
  - If a member violates various regulations stipulated by the Company including the terms and conditions or violates various laws,
    which are objectively judged to be associated with the crime.
Chapter 6. Claims and Others
■ Article 18  (Claim)
(1) The Company and a member shall compensate for any damages caused to others resulting from their wilful intention or negligence in connection
    with use of the Services.
(2) Provided, however, that in connection with use of the services the Company provides free of charge,
    the Company disclaims  any responsibility for such damages unless the personal information handling policy is in breach resulting therefrom.
■ Article 19 (Indemnity)
(1) The Company shall be exempted from its responsibility for failure to provide the Services to the extent it is unable to provide the
    Services due to acts of God , war, suspension of services by a key telecommunications service provider or other Force Majeure conditions 
(2) The Company also shall not be exempted from its responsibility for damages resulting from repair, replacement, regular inspection
    of service facilities and required work and for any unavoidable causes.
(3) The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from a member's computer error or incorrect input of his(her)
    personal information or email address .
(4) The Company shall not be liable to a member for failure to get expected profit or loss of expected profit  or other damages caused to him (her)
    by data obtained during the course of  using the  Services.
(5) The Company shall not be responsible for reliability and accuracy of various information/data/ facts posted in the Services by a member.
    Neither is the Company obligated to be involved in disputes arising from transactions between members or between a member and a third party
    via the Services as the mediumm, nor the Company shall be liable for compensation for any damages resulting therefrom.
(6) The Company shall not be obligated to screen a member's posts being posted in the Services or check or review them regularly
    and disclaims any responsibility for the results thereof.
■ Article 20 (Notice )
(1) When giving a member a notice, the Company may use an email address registered by the member with the Company.
(2) If the notice is given to the unspecified number of members, the Company may leave the notice posted in the site over one week in lieu
    of individual notices.
■ Article 21 ( A Competent Court and Governing Law)
(1) Matters not provided herein shall be subject to relevant Korean laws including Telecommunications Business Act and commercial practices.
(2) For members who pay a fixed lump sum fee for the Services or those who are charged fees to use the Services, separate terms
    and conditions or policy laid down by the Company applies..
(3) Disputes arising out of the use of the Services between a member and the Company shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of a competent
    court according to the Civil Procedure Act.  .
This Contractual Terms and Conditions shall apply as of May 30, 2016.