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2016 Hi Seoul innovation brand select 2016-11-09 911

After Tomarion II was selected as 2016 Hi Seoul outstanding product brand,

Beauty mask CHARME was selected as "2016 Hi Seoul innovation brand product"
in beauty product part!

Tourmaline far-infrared ray beauty mask,CHARME

Charme is made by compounding tourmaline and 12% of other minerals with silicone.
The mechanism of Charme is that the temperature in the face activates the far- infrared
radiation of tourmaline, and the radiation can help face beautiful and health.
"It is a "beauty+health all in one product"

If we have CHARME,
there is no need to spend expensive money to go to SPA shop~!


Because CHARME can massage our facial skin even we are at home!!
So let us check how CHARME change our facial skin
after suing the mask at home~?

리프팅 | Lifting
It protects damaged facial skin from external stimulus.

2. 마사지 | Massage
Excellent effect for skin care by keeping tired and drooping skin proper temperature.

3. 클렌징 | Cleansing
Keep skin bright by sweating excessive sunburn and secretion.

We can do skin care easily at home by using CHARME.
Recover our bright skin by using CHARME~!

There are 3 parts in CHARME!
upper part, lower part and whole part!
experience the different effect by using different parts
Tips for different parts using method~!

| Upper side |
Especially it is helpful for preventing tired eye,
splenitis and ozena of the students who have to use a
computer or sit and syudy for a long time.

| Whole part |
The whole-part mask can be applied to "male and female,
old and young", and it is good to use while watching
TV or taking a break, especially much better for
women to use in sauna and jjimjilbang.

| Lower side |
The lower-side mask is good for women who has
an under active thyroid thick neck and lower jaw
and is also good for snoring men.
Above all it is effective for preventing sore throat.

There are different effects according to different types?
Please choose the needed or right type and experience the unbelievable effect~

Tourmaline far-infrared mask, CHARME
can be used for dry, oily, complex, sensitive and all kinds of skin types.

Charme activates facial skin by using the skin temperature
experience the amazing and constant far-infrared energy!

This is the using method of 2016 Hi Seoul innovation brand product,

We Tomarin/GE Tomarin promise to develop better products
to repay consumers’ thanks!

Thnak you♥


Donation of TOMARIN
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