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Tourmaline energy specialized company Tomarin | GE Tomarin introduction.
Company Profiles Vision
The company who considers
Health and environment
Tourmaline product
specialized company
TOMARIN was establish in 2005,
and has specialized in medical devices, health and
beauty products, and now attain medical devices
and health devices manufacturing.
Wellbeing health culture is our motto.

We have done our best to keep our customer’s
healthy and safe.
We set up the factory through wellbeing building
materials based on the technical force that
we accumulated until now.
We assertively enter the field of wellbeing
new material business such as plant business to
provide high value, clean and wellbeing ingredient.
We will repay the customer’s trust.
more than 70 agencies over the country,
we provide customized experiences through
free trial service.
  • Agencies management and
    continuous products training.
  • Offline of Agencies and
    online selling as own
    shopping mall
    and open markets.
  • Experience by visiting
    the agency
    and be provided the
    customized service.
Under the strict quality control policy and
quality inspection of raw materials
  • Confirm the quality of
    purchased raw materials.
  • Precise management in
    manufacturing process.
  • Confirm quality inspection
    of completed product.
For the first time to do
Product research and continuous
R&D investment with natural
mineral tourmaline in Korea,
specialized to manufacture
high quality products.
  • Research of tourmaline raw materials and
    products development.
  • Medical device product development and
    manufacture according to the requirement of GMP.
  • R&D department acquired
    (Korea Industrial Technology Association
  • contracted MOU with the Chungcheongbukdo
    Techno park BIO center.
Through our own production
technology and quality
management system
it is proved that we hold the
workflow technology from
manufacturing to logistics.
  • Medical device manufacturing license,
    patent certificate, design, trademark registration,
    utility model, GMP.
  • FDA, ACE, CE, etc. domestic and foreign intellectual
    property right registration and management.
  • Our technology and products cannot be imitated
    because they are protected by the
    intellectual property law.